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GeoHelm: Open Source GIS Suite

Documentation Status

GeoHelm Logo

GeoHelm installs, configures, and manages the latest, stable versions of:

Apache Tomcat

It also provides browser-based management for all services (see screen shot below)

All software installed by GeoSuite is unmodified, so it does not limit, change, or impede normal SSH access or require specific usage.

The control panel and modules can be uninstalled and all components will continue to run.

Supported Operating Systems

Ubuntu 22 LTS
Rocky Linux 9

System Requirements:

Disk: 10 GB
Memory: 2 GB (Minimum)


  1. On a clean Ubuntu 22 or Rocky Linux 9 system, run below as root to launch the Installer::

     wget https://git.acugis.com/AcuGIS/GeoHelm/raw/branch/main/scripts/geohelm-installer.sh && chmod +x geohelm-installer.sh && ./geohelm-installer.sh
  2. Select "Full Installation" and tab to OK

GeoHelm Installer

  1. The Installer will prompt to check hostname and if you wish to enable SSL

GeoHelm Installer

  1. The Installer will prompt if you wish to enable SSL

GeoHelm Installer

Installation time on Ubuntu 22 is about 4 minutes. Installation time on Rocky Linux can take up to 15 minutes due to required source build for osm2pgsql

GeoHelm Installer

On completetion, below is displayed::

	Installation is now completed.
	Access pg-tileserv at rok.webgis1.com:7800
	Access pg-featureserv at rok.webgis1.com:9000
	postgres, Tomcat, and crunchy pg passwords are saved in /root/auth.txt file
	SSL Provisioning Success.
  1. Click the Login link on the homepage to access the control panel.


GeoSuite Documentation is available at GeoHelm Docs

AcuGIS, GeoHelm © 2023 Cited, Inc. Cited, Inc. All Rights Reserved.